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Holistic design solutions in Crete Greece

From Architecture to Interior Design to Construction

Giakoumakis Engineering is an Architectural design and construction company, based in Crete Greece, which provides holistic technical, design and consulting services.    Our basic principles are those of creativity, credibilitycollaboration and sustainability.

Featured Projects.

Sigma59 116015303.jpg
New Cafe-Restaurant on Main Street

A previously destined for shopping center building was redesigned as a Cafe-Restaurant and Suites.  The structural steel frame of the building and the high ceilings lead to "industrial" aesthetics with overhang greenery.

Holiday Bungalows in South Crete

Cozy, eco-friendly bungalows spread around a plot on the south coast of Crete

Mountain Village House

A new two-floor residence on a sloping hill, among the mountains of Crete balances modern and traditional elements to establish its identity.


Image10 (3).jpg
Image 11.jpg
Seafront Hotel Renovation in Crete

A small sea-front hotel at an excellent location changed hand in 2019 and the new owners wanted refresh the styling of the hotel main areas and rooms and freshen up the "empty" roof-top.  Around the roof top pool with the beautiful view, gazebos were created and small palm trees and plants were planted, while the tiling of the pool changed into a black and white pattern.


Holiday Villa in Crete

Set among lush olive groves close to the sea, this residence combines modern and traditional elements with expansive views to the landscape to create a comfortable holiday home.

Holiday Villa in Crete Architecture

Stay In Touch.

Giakoumakis Engineering

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Crete, Greece


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